xBM is the currency of the BurningMoon MetaVerse

MetaBurn (xBM) is a 2nd generation BurningMoon reward token that will be used in our upcoming MetaVerse and automatically reflects rewards in BurningMoon.

MetaBurn (xBM)

xBM will be used as currency for the upcoming BurningMoon Metaverse and as Governance token for the Burningmoon Ecosystem. xBM passively rewards its holders in BM token.

There are many ways to buy MetaBurn (xBM)

  1. Swap your BurningMoon (BM) or Sacrificed BurningMoon (sBM) tokens directly to MetaBurn (xBM) tokens.

  2. Trade on PanCakeSwap or your favorite Defi exchange as a BNB pair.

  3. Use our secure decentralized Dapp to buy (xBM) with BNB.

xBM and BM share the same supply.

  • xBM starts with a total supply of 0, but can be minted using sBM or BM or BNB. On Launch 1 BM equals 2 xBM, and 1 sBM equals 1 xBM. The more xBM are burned, the less xBM you get for converting BM or sBM to xBM. If 50% of all xBM are burned, you get a conversion rate of 1 xBM per BM respectively.

  • sBM: Sacrificed BurningMoon

  • BM: Standard BurningMoon Token

  • xBM: MetaBurn (MetaVerse BurningMoon token)

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  • Q1

    ⁃ Develop xBM next gen Smart contract and application. Revolutionary and innovative smart contract coding.
    ⁃ Presale on BM PeanutButter LaunchPad
    ⁃ Launch on BSC network
    ⁃ Website and Next Gen Conversion Dapp
    ⁃ CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Q2

     ⁃ Release of next level mini games and smart lotteries.
    ⁃ Development of BM MetaVerse and advanced MetaBurn Game
    ⁃ MetaBurn Investor Dapp
    ⁃ NFT Release (in-game benefits)

  • Q3

    ⁃ Launch BM MetaVerse and play to win games
    ⁃ MetaBurn Avatar Creator
    ⁃ Partnership announcements
    ⁃ NFT & Game community build-up
    ⁃ NFT Implementation for Mini-Games

  • Q4

    ⁃ Release of Multi-Chain Bridge
    ⁃ First Teaser of MetaBurn Game

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